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Rain gutters are a necessary evil on any residential property. Not only does a gutter installation keep a home cleaner than those without, but they also play a critical role in preventing wood rot, erosion, and in some cases damage to your foundation. In order for rain gutters to fulfill all these jobs, they have to remain clear of obstructions. If you allow leaves and debris to pile up in your gutters, then there is no point in installing them in the first place! There are two common solutions. Either regularly clean your gutters, or consider investing in our original leaf-free system.

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Why Gutter Protection?

Gutters protect your home and foundation from damage caused by rainwater running off your roof and pooling around your home. But how do you keep them functioning properly and ensure they are doing the job? Installing our patented leaf free gutter system, Leaf Terminator (also known as Eco Guard) will protect your home from the damage of excess water by keeping your gutters free of debris and directing water for proper drainage.

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