A roofing installation is much more than shingles atop a wooden frame. In fact, on most roofs there are more than just one type of shingle used. A
highly quality roof is made of several layers of waterproof membranes, attic vents, and other components that are specifically designed to reduce water damage to your home's exterior. SunCor Construction's residential roofing contractors are experts in the field with an intimate understanding of every aspect of a roof.

Like all our products, we begin by doing a consultation from the convenience of your home. As we discuss the nature of your residential roofing
project, we have you browse our product catalogs. Complete with a wide array of asphalt shingles and composite slate look shingles, we will help you find the best material for your upcoming installation. By the end of the consultation, we intend to leave you with a proposed design with the materials we intend to use and the work that needs to be performed. Suncor will provide you with a complete quote in writing. We understand that this is an important decision for you, and we will give you professional advice to help you make decisions. If this is an insurance project, we can also help you work with your insurance company.

Davinci Roofing

Davinci tiles are engineered to be lighter to resist impact and maintain their color longer. It's hard to beat mother nature, but Davinci has done it.

Multi-Width Shigles

Davinci multi-width slate shingles deliver the highest levels of beauty without the typical challenges of a natural slate roof.

Composite Construction

Da Vinci's unique composite construction outperforms natural slate and cedar shake with a Class A Fire Rating, class 4 Impact Rating in 110 mph Wind Rating.

Maintenance Free

Davinci eliminates the concern of ongoing maintenance.

Resistant Roofing

Davinci roofing is hail, fire, insect, and algae resistant.

Molded for Natural Look

Da Vinci products are modeled from actual slate and hand split shake for natural, non-repeating beauty.

Owen Corning Roofing

Owens Corning Duration shingles are Energy Star rated making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. These "cool" shingles reflect solar energy because the granules on the shingle help bounce the sun rays off your home.

SureNail Technology

SureNail Technology gives strength and durability to every duration shingle. This unique single design provides outstanding gripping power.

Algae Resistant

Owens Corning StreakGuard Algae Resistant Protection inhibits the growth of blue green algae and provides protection against those ugly black streaks.

Wind Resistant

Owens Corning certifies their shingles to industry recognized wind resistance standards through using independent third-party testing laboratories.

Total Protection System

Owens Corning offers in Total Protection Roofing system. It addresses the complete protection for your home in three critical areas: Seal, Defend, and Breathe. Owens Corning offer is one of the best warranties in the industry.

TruDefinition Color

TruDefinition Color design platform allows shingles that are specially formulated to capture the bright, vibrant hues, and dramatic shades that showcase the aesthetics appeal of your home.

GAF Roofing

GAF roofing has over 130 years of quality and innovation behind them. LayerLock Technology received a 2020 "Best of What's New" Grand Award from Popular Science.

Dimensional Look and Strong Warrantty

GAF shingles provide a dimensional look giving your roof a striking appearance with exceptional depth and dimension. GAF offers high-quality roofing systems and strong warranties for your peace of mind.


Trimberline GAF shingles are loaded with LayerLock Technology and StainGuardPlus Time Release algae fighting technology.

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