Soffit is located on the underside of your roof. Facia is located directly above the soffit. When looking at your home, it directly faces you.
It is the exposed piece you see on the front of your roofs overhang. Your gutters are placed on your facia. Gutters keep the water away from your home and can become old and leaking overtime and need replacing before they cause damage to your home.


It's important to make sure that your soffit is not damaged as insects and animals can enter your home through damaged soffit. Suncor offers vented aluminum and vinyl facia and soffit to give your maximum curb appeal.

New Sofitt, Fascia and Gutters and Siding

Most customers tend to replace soffit, fascia, and gutters when replacing siding to give their home a complete new fresh look.


Aluminum is miter cut on 45 degree angle for pleasing aesthetics.

Proper Ventilation Soffit in Archway

Soffit needs to have proper venting to keep a steady airflow between your roof and your attic. This is important because your attic needs to be ventilated or moisture can build up and mold can form.

Seamless Gutters

Suncor offers seamless gutters made of the highest quality heavy gauge aluminum in various residential and commercial sizes to fit your needs.

Color Choices

Suncor offers a countless amount of colors of soffit, facia, and gutters to accent or match your homes exterior.

Sofitt in Porch

Porches can benefit from new soffit helping create a new outdoor sitting area and preventing damage to your home.

Soffit in Archway

New soffit can add to entrance way appeal.

Water Flow Solutions

Suncor's experience allows us to find solutions for the trickiest water flow issues.

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